tisdag 9 april 2013

Commission Info!

Commission info:

- Payment can be discussed.

- I will start painting after receiving full payment. After receiving the final piece there is no option to refund.

- If for some reason I´m not able to finish your commission, you will have complete refund.

- You will get a high quality file with the artwork.

- I´m a super slow turtle ;___; so it might take me some time.

- The commission can be for:

       a) personal use, That means you can use the work as you want, banners, icons, backgrounds, layouts etc. What you can´t do is to claim the artwork as your own, or to sell prints, or any other way to make money and profit out of it.

      b) comercial use, if that is the case, tell me and we will talk about it to see the details.

- I reserve the rights to the artwork, and the right to show it here on my blog and portfolio.

- If you are interested send me a note with a description of what you want, to decide whether or not I take the commission.

- After accepting the commission, I´ll show you a sketch, if you are happy with it, then we go ahead with the payment.

*the more the info the better, descriptions, references, colors, music etc. And if you want some detail in specific, tell me right away, don´t wait for me to start the painting.


- Prices depends on the complexity, I don´t have fixed prices, so you can just send me a note with the idea and I would tell you the price, with no commitment ofc.

( But, so you can have an idea, prices for digital painting start at US$80 for bust/waist up )

some examples of commissions:

Note me if you are interested or have any questions, at: palsson.miriam@gmail.com

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